Price List of Statistics Portal

Basic Service

We are committed to providing the following service items at the Basic Service Fee of 500 €/month:


  • Fireproof and access controlled computer room
  • Secured power supply with UPS
  • Separate server computer for each client
  • Pentium IV, 3 GHz processor, 1 GB memory
  • RAID secured data storage


  • Connection to a 100 Mb shared network
  • Network secured by two independent operators
  • Client's own domain address or a subdomain at


  • Reliable server operating system
  • Separate relational database for each client
  • Jalavan Statistics service software
  • Database backup once per month
  • Software updates to new versions

Start-up Fee

Installation and customisation are always agreed separately with the client and the start-up fee depends on the amount of work required. The Basic Start-up Fee of 1000 € covers hardware and software installation and creation of a sample database. The sample database is created together with the client based on actual data provided by the client. After start-tup, the client has the knowledge and tools required to extend the statistics service to desired coverage.

The Basic Startup Fee covers also basic customisation of the outlook of service pages to be consistent with the outlook of home pages of the client, e.g. concerning the logo, fonts and colours of the pages.

Additional Services

In addition to the Basic Service described above, we provide additional services as required.

  • Database backup once per day 30 €/month
  • HTTP monitoring with alams as SMS messages 50 €/month
  • Feeding existing statistics data to the service 30 €/hour
  • Defining client specific statistics and report templates 50 €/hour
  • Programming client specific features to the service software 80 €/hour

All prices VAT 0 %.