Service Description


Each client will get a unique id and a changeable password for service administration. In the administration pages of the service, you may define a hierarchical statistics structure that best meets the requirements of your organization.

To collect statistics data, like Sales , Sales pcs and Stock T, you attach the corresponding data types to the statistics structure. The data is collected from statistics periods, which may vary from one month to one year depending on the specific statistics and on the season of the year.

You may grant access rights to your portal for statistics units, which may be individuals, companies or communities. Units can be further divided into groups, e.g. according to their line of business. The same unit may belong to several groups. The statistics profile defines the access rights of units and groups to different statistics.


Data input for a statistics period opens automatically when the period ends. People in charge of the corresponding statistics are notified about the open period by email. The input period is open for a specified number of days and closes at the end of the period. Forgetful people are reminded a few days before the end of the period by email.

Statistics data can be collected manually into forms or uploaded in CSV files. When the statistics data from all units is collected, the service can publish the statistics period automatically for reporting. People are notified by email also about new published periods.


Versatile reporting possibilities of the Statistic Portal fulfil diverse reporting requirements. A report is defined by a report period divided into a series of report cycles of the desired length, and by the corresponding comparison period. You can compare statistics between your unit and its group or between different report periods. The contents of the report may be condensed with filters when applicable.

Supported report formats include a table report, a trend chart, a bar chart and a pie chart, all with several variations. Completed reports can also be exported as PDF documents and Excel sheets.

The newly defined report may be saved for future reporting as a common template, a unit specific template or a personal template.


All communications to the Statistics Portal are secured by default. A user id to the service allows read and write access only to statistics data of user's own unit and read access to sum data of the corresponding group. Statistics data is stored into fault-tolerant hard disks and backups are made once per month. Daily backups are available as an option.


We acknowledge that all right, title and interest in the statistical data shall be solely owned by the client. Our maintenance id to the service does not allow read or write access to client specific statistics data.