Client Oriented Statistics Portal

Simsoft Oy has developed together with The Association of Finnish Technical Traders a new Internet portal for compiling and reporting statistics on production, sales, storage and other parameters of enterprises and associations. The Statistics Portal provides all hardware, network connections and software required to run a customised statistics service.

We provide our clients with this dedicated Statistics Portal without limitations related to the amount of data or the number users for a fixed monthly fee of 500 €. In addition, we charge a start-up cost, starting from 1000 €, including hardware and software installation, creation of sample statistics and report templates, and client training. The outlook of portal pages may also be customised to be consistent with the outlook of home pages of the client. The start-up fee may vary depending on the amount of customisation.


As a client of the Statistics Portal, you will manage statistics of your company, customers, members or some other interest group in a centralised, efficient and safe manner.

  • Statistics are collected into self-explanatory forms with a web browser
  • Statistics are controlled by keeping people in charge informed by email
  • Statistics are saved into a relational database in a consistent format even for decades
  • Statistics are reported with freely configurable report templates both as tables and as charts
  • Statistics are printed on paper but also as Excel sheets and as PDF documents

Statistics Portal has been translated into English, Swedish and Finnish. The on-line help system provides instructions in all situations.

Service Description describes the service in more detail.


To have a closer look at the service, please, take a tour of the demo version of the Statistics Portal. Note however that the demo provides only read access to administration tasks.

Contact Information

We are pleased to tell you more about the Statistics Portal and how you would benefit from the services it provides. You may reach us via email or phone.